Yang Gu is a photographer whose work is characterized by the use of a flashlight, which for him is a tool to create a rough atmosphere or visually accentuate an already existing conflict in his images. The composition of his photographs is very graphic and his use of the color palette is aesthetically pleasing. His work has a very clear and vivid mind as the foundation of creation, and very expressive details in each of his photographs. Absurdism as a concept is very recurrent here and we see it with his irony when staging people into places. The loneliness he felt after moving away from homeland has influenced him in reconsidering his presence in spaces. He explores the relationship of people in spaces as he considers that the main element here is distance. He sees it as constant isolation of elements in spaces as we move in space, constantly running after something. The surrealism in his mind and his irony is what makes his photographs a very peculiar work of art especially when it comes to capturing spaces. 

© 2020 Yang Gu